Customize Your Home Page

We want you to have the best experience possible! AND we designed the AMEN PRAY APP to be versatile and customizable to suit each person’s individual style and need. Because there are so many options sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming but I promise it all makes sense and the more you use it, the easier it gets!

We are here for you to answer questions, just go to the contact page and submit your question or suggestion there. We promise to answer you.

When you’re in the FREE Version of the APP, your choices are a little more limited as far as content goes but you’ll still be able to go to the INFO screen to make changes to the colors, light and dark mode and which Version of Scripture you would like to use. Because it’s a FREE version we have included 3 Versions of scripture, just pick your preference.

These images are from the Premium Subscription option so you have a lot more options!

PRAYER HEALTH is an option with a Premium Subscription

LOCATION is where you’ll find options to turn it on/off

SECURITY is used for prayer items that you want to keep private and use a pin code

EXPLORE the INFO page and find out more about us too