We value your privacy!



We value your privacy.

First, we DO NOT track, capture or sell your information, friends, prayer items or anything else to any third party. We DO NOT see your private data. We DO NOT see or sell any information to anyone about anything you enter into your payer items or prayer lists — all the information is PRIVATE to you.

Sell Your Information

Unlike some other prayer apps which reserve the right to monetize based off your entered information, we do not. We monetize by charging an optional small subscription fee. Even the free version of the application respects your privacy and does not track or sell your information.


Any ads displayed in the FREE application are displayed to all users, except paid subscribers. There is no targeting of any ad to any individual based on there entered prayer information.

Data Server Storage

All non-public prayer items and prayer lists are saved in iCloud private databases. We do not have access to these private databases nor do we extract your entered prayer item text and save, store or extract it in any way outside of the application. We DO NOT see any data you’ve entered into the Amen Pray APP.

Data Local Storage

All of your prayer data is saved and cached locally on your device.

Data Retention & Removal

Your prayer data is backed up into YOUR iCloud account. Your data will be available on other iOS devices using the same iCloud account. You can remove and delete all of your data from local and online storage from the application settings.

We don’t want to make money from your personal private data. We would love your support by subscribing to a paid account or through a one time purchase found on the APP.

We hope this privacy policy was straight-forward and easy to understand. Be blessed, thank you, and keep praying!